Domestic Relations / Family Law

Both military and civilian couples preparing for divorce must handle sensitive matters including division of property and liabilities, spousal maintenance, restraining orders, visitation with minor children, and child support.  While divorce is typically a lose-lose proposition, experienced legal advice can assist you in making the most beneficial economic decisions and in maintaining your parental rights.

The staff of Luce Lineberry & Kenney PS strive to meet our client’s objectives and goals by focusing on the most practical, fair and expedient way forward when divorce breaks up a marriage.  If litigation becomes necessary, our staff is well prepared to be aggressive in pursuit of a divorce decree that is fair to you in every aspect.

Types of cases:

  • Legal Separations
  • Uncontested Divorces
  • Contested Divorces
  • Military Divorce
    • Marital Property Division
    • Complex Asset/Property Division
    • Spousal Support/Maintenance (Alimony)
  • Child Custody & Visitation
  • Child Support
  • Child Support Arrearages & Judgment Enforcement
  • Criminal Non-Support Cases
  • Modifications/Termination of Support Orders
  • Relocation Actions
  • Paternity
    • Establishment of Parenting Plan & Child Support
  • Premarital/Prenuptial Agreements
  • Domestic Violence

Cost to you

Your initial 30 minute consultation is free, during which we discuss your particular needs and how we can assist you.  An advanced fee deposit is required on every case with the amount based on your case’s individual needs.  Please feel free to contact one of our staff to discuss your particular needs and to schedule your free 30 minute consultation.

Legal Separation

Why choose legal separation over divorce?  Many couples having troubles in their marriage may not be ready to call it quits!  If you believe there is a chance to reconcile your marriage; either through marital counseling, agreement, or otherwise – you may wish to file for legal separation.  Whether legal separation or divorce, you still divide all assets and liabilities, you still set visitation and child support just the same as you would in divorce.

Divorce (Uncontested & Contested)

The thought of filing for divorce can be very intimidating to many individuals. There is paperwork to complete, agreements to review and sign, and possibly children to consider. To confidently bring an end to all of these matters, you need a competent, experienced legal team on your side. Whether you are the spouse filing for divorce, or the spouse responding to a divorce petition, we can help. You are entitled to a portion of your jointly shared properties and possessions as well as preservation of your parental rights.

Military Divorce

A military divorce requires special consideration and handling of military benefits including retirement funds; understanding of military regulations; structuring unique and individualized parenting plans for visitation to include long distance and non-long distance schedules for each parent; and calculating child support based on changes in service members individual pay (including oversea deployments).  Our staff is knowledgeable of those benefits the non-military spouse may still be eligible for following divorce, such as continued health care, commissary, base access, and other benefits.  Our experienced family law attorney(s) are prepared to protect our rights, whether you are the non-military spouse or the military spouse.

Child Custody

Child custody is an area of family law that is especially prone to high levels of conflict.  Contact our office to talk with an attorney to learn how to protect your parental rights and safeguard your child’s best interests throughout divorce or separation and to schedule an appointment regarding your child custody concern, whether it is part of a divorce or is a stand-alone legal issue such as in the case of unmarried parents (including same-sex couples).

Child Support

As part of your family law case, you may have questions regarding child support that you may be seeking or a support obligation that court may have ordered you to pay. Under Washington law, both parents have an obligation to provide financial support to their children.   Our staff has extensive experience with child support, enforcing obligations and modifying child support orders while protecting your rights.

Modifications Due to Relocation

Our family law attorneys understand the complexities and uniqueness of each family situation (both civilian and military). We are prepared to work with you and your child’s other parent to try to help you arrive at a revised parenting plan that the family courts will agree to if you must move out of state.  Our firm strives to satisfactorily meet client objectives and goals by focusing on the most practical, fair and expedient way forward when child custody is in dispute.


Matters of paternity and parentage can drag on for years. All the while, a child may be suffering from lack of child support or even from the absence of one parent. Gain control of your situation and take steps to establish the paternity of your child.

Premarital/Prenuptial Agreements

Establishing a premarital/prenuptial agreement merely protects you and your loved one’s assets and personal property in instances where such protection is needed.  Let us help you and your significant other or loved one draft and finalize the agreement that is warranted in your situation. Having one of these agreements in place can prevent heartache and emotional distress later on in your relationship and your life.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is often closely tied to matters of family law.  We regularly help victims of domestic violence understand their rights and obtain the protections available from the law.  In some cases we represent individuals who have been falsely accused of domestic violence.  Our offices aggressively seek to stop domestic violence. We are committed to seeing the perpetrators held accountable for their actions, and to preserving your future safety.

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